Trail Building and Path Development


Micro Excavation and Landscape has been building trails and developing paths for 14 years.  This includes the initial cutting and clearing of the trail or path and designing its intended look and course too wherever the destination may be.  This may include building bridges and safety rails over creeks and ponds or cutting up the side of a hill or mountain.  It may be through the forest or just down to the garden. They may have different surfaces of dirt, gravel, wood, or grass. They can be built for side by side walking or single person passage. You are in charge of the look and feel that you desire.  


Clearing the Land 

Micro Excavation and Landscape sounds like just fine precision work, which we do, but we are very capable of bringing in the heavy machinery also for what may require the full sized machines.  We will ensure the right tool for the job at the right price.


It's important to be able to provide all the pieces of a construction project. It cuts down on time, errors, and expense. At Micro Excavation and Landscape, we handle everything from the skilled labor and regulatory compliance to materials delivery and site cleanup.

Farm and Land Management

Farm and land management can be scheduled for regular service, seasonal service or simply as needed.  Mowing, livestock cleanup, grading, irrigation and a host of other farming, ranching, and gardening services are available.  Our professional and knowledgeable managers can assist with whatever your needs may be.